Well, we hope your answer is a firm “No thanks!” But back before modern dentistry, it wasn’t uncommon to have dental extractions performed by blacksmiths, barbers and wigmakers. As you begin to ponder the effectiveness of blacksmiths switching between horse shoes and dentition, let us point out that these guys weren’t experts in effective pain relief.

Dentists can’t talk enough about the benefits of flossing your teeth. But quite often their plea goes unheeded by patients who ultimately miss out on the benefits. But just why are dentists so enthusiastic about a little piece of white string? Well, for starters floss does a terrific job of aiding the removal of plaque from between teeth, which helps in preventing gum disease and cavities.

Now don’t get us wrong, a toothbrush is still an essential tool for getting a good clean, but using both a toothbrush AND floss is like giving your mouth a real power clean. Floss can go where a toothbrush can’t, so flossing at least once a day is a vital part of maintaining oral health.

Often people don’t replace their toothbrush frequently enough, or else they store their toothbrush incorrectly. This can lead to an unhealthy toothbrush –Which is bad news for the toothbrush user!

Firstly, let’s get the low-down on when to bin an old toothbrush and adorn your bathroom with a shiny brand new one.

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