Then it's lucky you found us! We have our Melbourne Central clinic open on the Melbourne Cup public holiday, Tuesday 7th November from 10am - 5pm to fix your dental emergencies. 


Please be aware that the Docklands clinic is closed on the Melbourne Cup public holiday and will reopen on Wednesday 8th November.


If you need us, simply call and we'll care for you.  Our clinics are located in the CBD so we're easy to get to and we do wonderful work with teeth (Emergencies are a specialty of ours!)

Phone the clinic on 8608 8968.

If you’ve ever wondered how The Tooth Fairy came to be, we’ve dug up a little background information on that famous fairy whose penchant for collecting children’s teeth has turned her into a cultural icon.

Spoiler alert: If you’d rather not read about the history of The Tooth Fairy then stop now, but for curious minds, read on for an interesting tale of how the tooth fairy we know and love today came to be…

Ok confession time, we’ve ALL been guilty at one point or another of doing something that wasn’t great for our teeth. Sometimes we even do things without realising the potential danger it poses to our pearly whites.  At MC Dental we want you to keep your beautiful smile for life, so here’s a round-up of some naughty habits (The good news is, they’re habits that are easy to kick!)


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MC Dental have two clinics in Melbourne city and Docklands where you'll experience personal care from a gentle, caring dentist.

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