Put simply, baby teeth matter.  Baby teeth play an essential role in helping a child learn to eat and speak properly.  They also prepare the way for adult teeth. But as soon as baby teeth emerge they’re at risk of decay so it’s really important that parents and caregivers take care of a child’s teeth.

The city of Melbourne is a bustling hub of business, shopping and apartment living. With so many people, it’s not surprising that the Melbourne CBD needs reliable and professional dental services.

MC Dental is a modern clinic located in the heart of the city at Melbourne Central Shopping Centre on Swanston & Latrobe Streets. It’s easy to get there, with excellent parking facilities as well as a connecting network of train, bus and tram services. Melbourne Central Shopping Centre even has its own train station as part of Melbourne’s city grid.

Well, we hope your answer is a firm “No thanks!” But back before modern dentistry, it wasn’t uncommon to have dental extractions performed by blacksmiths, barbers and wigmakers. As you begin to ponder the effectiveness of blacksmiths switching between horse shoes and dentition, let us point out that these guys weren’t experts in effective pain relief.


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MC Dental have two clinics in Melbourne city and Docklands where you'll experience personal care from a gentle, caring dentist.

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