Waiting to go to the dentist until you have a sore tooth is a bit like only taking your car for an oil change when it starts to run rough. A little problem, has become a bigger problem. The aim of regular dental checkups is to avoid big problems altogether, by picking up on them in the early stages, when they can be treated far more easily.

Also known as third molars, “wisdom teeth” get their nickname by being the last teeth to appear. Our other teeth come in before puberty, but wisdom teeth appear much later, usually in late teens or early twenties when people are assumed to be older and wiser.

Wisdom teeth are thought to have been handy for our early ancestors, whose longer jaws more easily accommodated a full set of teeth for grinding down a rough diet. Over countless generations our heads have evolved to have brains that are a bit larger and jaws that are shorter and set further back in the skull. Unfortunately a shorter jaw can result in a lack of room for the late-arriving wisdom teeth and when this occurs there can be problems such as impaction (stuck teeth!)

Thankfully there are many ways that dentists can successfully manage problematic wisdom teeth.

At MC Dental, our team of friendly dentists can help you with wisdom teeth trouble. Call the clinic today on 8608 8968 to arrange an appointment.

Dental tourism is where a person has a dental procedure performed overseas, often in combination with a holiday and in an attempt to save money.  There are good stories and horror stories doing the rounds, but for anybody considering overseas dentistry there are some important points to reflect on when making a decision as to whether it’s the right choice for you.


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